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The OpenMSA is an open framework enabling developers to design and automate services for multi-vendor and multi-domain environments.

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In the ongoing transition of networks from physical to virtual functions, companies will need to have a clear strategy on how to provision, manage, and automate diverse network functions and security features, whether these are open-source components, legacy infrastructure, firewalls, or VMs in a datacenter.

As a result, the industry is in dire need for a solution that bridges the multi-vendor landscape efficiently. The OpenMSA Community does just that. It empowers a whole industry to take matters into their own hands, integrate all vendors, domains and systems, and makes network and security managed services richer and more cost effective in a multi-domain, multi-vendor environment.


The OpenMSA software is designed to enable developers to write their own adaptor code, microservices and workflows libraries, to support new vendors, new services and new orchestration use cases. The open core engine and the adaptors, microservices, and workflows libraries are available on Github. The software can be deployed in combination with an evaluation license to test all of its feature functions, and as a development framework, enabling developers to design microservices and workflows locally.

Visit the GitHub OpenMSA Community: