Best Practices for DevOps


The OpenMSA is a platform for designing and developing Network and Security automation applications.

The community applications (Microservices, Workflows and Device Adaptors) are available on GitHub at

These applications are located in dedicated GitHub repositories and can be forked and/or cloned from GitHub to your OpenMSA development platform.

This page explains in detail how to do this and the associated best practices.

How to install the Microservices and the Workflows


As a DevOps engineer, the first step into getting familiar with the OpenMSA community code is to:

  • Retrieve the code from GitHub,
  • Install the code on the OpenMSA platform
  • Utilize the Microservices and the Workflows.


Login to a live MSA as root and perform the following actions.

[root@DEV-OPENMSA]# cd /opt/fmc_repository
[root@DEV-OPENMSA]# git clone OpenMSA
[root@DEV-OPENMSA]# git checkout openmsa-<VERSION>
[root@DEV-OPENMSA]# chown -R ncuser. OpenMSA/
[root@DEV-OPENMSA]# cd CommandDefinition/
[root@DEV-OPENMSA]# cd ..
[root@DEV-OPENMSA]# cd Process/
[root@DEV-OPENMSA]# ln -s ../OpenMSA/WORKFLOWS/ OpenMSA

Then browse to the MSA GUI, open "Manage Repository".

Two new "OpenMSA" entries should be available and browsable under

Workflows > OpenMSA 


Micro services > OpenMSA

How to Design/Develop and Contribute to the Community

As a Microservice or Worflow designer you'll have the opportunity to contribute to the community source code.

The easiest way is to utilize OpenMSA as the design tool.  This is the most typical and suggested method. 

  1. Fork the openmsa repository into your GitHub  account
  2. Clone the repository from your personal GitHub account to your OpenMSA devops platform
  3. Utilize your favorite browser to use/design/test/update Workflows and Microservices
  4. Push the changes to your GitHub account
  5. Contribute by submitting pull requests to the OpenMSA community

It is possible to use your favorite IDE to ease development of Workflow tasks or Device Adaptor that are in PHP language.


This procedure adds a set of push/pull steps to sync the code from your PC with your OpenMSA devops platform.  Design or edit code on your PC and IDE such as Eclipse or a simple editor with PHP syntax highlighting, then push to the OpenMSA platform to use it live.

How to install the Device Adaptors

Follow the link to learn how to install the device adaptors from the OpenMSA GitHub repository: