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The OpenMSA Community is a place for developers & network engineers to engage with others who share a passion for DevOps solutions for the Networking and Security space.

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But it’s not just that. It’s a place much needed in an industry that is as fragmented as ours, where tools and vendors are plenty and options to integrate them through a single pane of glass, are few. It’s here to enable and empower those that have the capabilities of connecting these dots, and develop adaptors and services matching their needs and vendor landscape. It is also a forum to share ideas around the OpenMSA, and mentor and collaborate with others members of the community. So take what you need and share plenty in return.

  • Evaluation License

    You’ll need this license to activate the OpenMSA. You can download it on our OpenMSA page.

  • Open Core Engine

    The open source core engine is the high performance multi-threaded engine in charge of order command processing and execution via the device adaptors. The source code of the OCE is available on Github.

  • Documentation and Support

    We can help you get started with configuring your OpenMSA. Please go through our documentation explaining the setup, configuration, and design of workflows and microservices. Should you have any questions, please reach out in the OpenMSA Forum.

  • Workflow Examples

    Easily stitch your microservices into a service workflow. You’ll design workflows aligned with your own business processes and with whichever function or service you aim at automating. Workflow examples are available onGitHub, uploaded by Community members.

  • Microservices Examples

    A microservice is an object that provides the abstraction layer to manage services on your network element or your VIM in a programmable and granular way.It discovers configurations and exposes generic Create | Read | Update | Import | Delete methods for day-2 change management. Microservices examples are also available onGithub, uploaded by Community members.

  • Adaptor Examples

    Whether you are in need of an adaptor to manage virtual infrastructure (VMware, Openstack, and many more), or a Network element, rely on the Community to do some of the work for you. Device adaptors areeasily scripted using the device adaptor builder, which comes with the Open Core engine. The Adaptor Builder supports any communication protocol, and will handle device asset and image management over its lifecycle.

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